My original purpose in making this website was to have a permanent home for my gear ratio calculator. I chose the name based on my last name and my love for classic Jeeps. As I occasionally expand this site, I'll be adding technical writeups. I'll also keep updating the gear ratio calculator and adding features. I have big plans for some upgrades and if I ever get off overtime at work I may be able to put some effort into bringing them to light.

I have had several Jeeps over the last 10 years but I'm down to just two now. The first is a 1986 J-10 Pickup named Truck Norris that I'm going to be using as my tow rig. In late September of 2012 I added a new Jeep to my collection, a 2012 JK Wrangler that I'm going to daily drive and wheel a little while I work on my other pojects.